#PourDecisions: Richard Kelley MW & The Liberator

Well here it is. The moment you’ve all been waiting for. This vinous highlight of 2020 has been units of time in the making.

Richard Kelley MW passed the fabled and fiendish exam in 1995 and almost immediately settled in South Africa. Building up not only in depth knowledge of the country, but an address book of The Cape’s greatest producers, he launched the first Liberator wine in 2010.

These wines come from some of South Africa’s very best addresses and producers. Always small scale and unique, each wine is a one off, never to be repeated.

My first Liberator Wine was Episode 3: The Bandolier. Ever since then I have actively sought them out.

After seeing my video for his The Good, The Bad, And The Sangiovese, Richard got in touch and said he enjoyed my attempts to play the guitar along with his wine. I asked if he would appear on #PourDecisions but als he said that he didn’t do interviews.

Richard then had a word with his alter ego Rick and suggested we could get together to film something. What an absolute scoop.

A few weeks ago Richard made the jaunt over to Casa del Malbec and we had a great time (or at least I did) talking South Africa, The Liberator, and other wine related topics.

I always appreciate anyone giving me their time, but to visit me in person and leave a few bottles really is going above and beyond.

Keep an eye out for the hashtag #LiberationSongs as I have a good few bottles of Liberator coming up with appropriate (of badly played) guitar accompaniment.

Many thanks to Richard and Karen for making this all happen and for their kindness in helping me carry on with my nonsense.

Lekker. Lekker to the max.

Remember: it’s just grapes.

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