Journey’s End? It’s Only Just Begun

I was recently asked by R&R if I’d like to try a couple of summer specials from Journey’s End. Being a fan of both South Africa, and wines from this producer, I couldn’t say no. Well, I could, but I chose not to. Journey’s End is owned by the Gabb Family. If you don’t know … Continue reading Journey’s End? It’s Only Just Begun

Penfolds: Men (And Women) At Work

I was recently asked to take part in a paid promotion in conjunction with Penfolds. This promotion is to highlight Penfolds on tour. This summer, they're taking a travelling, pop up bar to a variety of British food and music festivals. Lucky gig-goers will get to sample the Max's Chardonnay and Shiraz/Cabernet and in doing … Continue reading Penfolds: Men (And Women) At Work

Originality In A Time Of Sequels

Lockdown I was the surprise hit of Summer 2020. It was of course followed up by Lockdowns II and III; arguably the worst sequels since The Matrix debacle. Suddenly, wine tastings came to a halt. It was uncertain that wine merchants themselves would be able to open for physical trade, instead having to rely on … Continue reading Originality In A Time Of Sequels

#PourDecisions: Richard Kelley MW & The Liberator Well here it is. The moment you've all been waiting for. This vinous highlight of 2020 has been units of time in the making. Richard Kelley MW passed the fabled and fiendish exam in 1995 and almost immediately settled in South Africa. Building up not only in depth knowledge of the country, but an … Continue reading #PourDecisions: Richard Kelley MW & The Liberator

The IEWA Team Love It When A Plan Comes Together

“This is an ungodly hour to go to war.” I said to myself as the alarm went off at 5am. It’s a good job then that I wasn’t going to war but instead to Bristol. I know that these two things have often been confused and once led to the USA invading the city to … Continue reading The IEWA Team Love It When A Plan Comes Together

Work? In January…

Normally the first full week of January is relatively quiet for a wine merchant. Dry January kicks in, we’re all on the Christmas come down, no one has any money…all culminate into nobody really drinking much grape juice. Apart from wine merchants themselves of course…January for me is extraordinarily busy. Yes dear readers (both of … Continue reading Work? In January…