Wild Cats & Fictional Dogs

The strangest thing just happened: I opened this bottle and suddenly my room was filled with societally approved attractive women, all scantily clad and seemingly attracted to me despite their better judgement. I had a sudden urge to wear ridiculously tight white t shirts and behave like a complete pr…wait. I know what’s happened here. … Continue reading Wild Cats & Fictional Dogs

To Boldly Go Where No Skin Contact Has Gone Before

There are many avenues down which one can learn about wine. WSET, the internet, tastings…I learned a lot from Captain Picard. Starfleet operates the Prime Directive; minimal intervention of primitive yeast cultures. Every week the valiant crew of the USS Enterprise carry out First Contact; skins would be macerated at length to create wines of … Continue reading To Boldly Go Where No Skin Contact Has Gone Before

As Far Back As I Can Remember…

“What do you mean I’m intensely spicy?”“You’re spicy, you know? You’re an intense wine.”“What do you mean, you mean the way I taste?”“It’s just, you know, you’re just deep and intense and structured. The way you taste…”“Taste how? What’s tasty about me? I make tasty wine? Like I’m here to f***ing be tasty for you? … Continue reading As Far Back As I Can Remember…

Dead Winemakers Sabbath Society

It’s a grave situation when one can’t decide what to drink on Friday 13th. Choosing what to listen to is easy: Black Sabbath (50 years young this month), but what to drink…it’s making me Paranoid. I often look into my cellar…space under the stairs…and see the delicious wines tempting me but then foolishly find excuses … Continue reading Dead Winemakers Sabbath Society