Originality In A Time Of Sequels

Lockdown I was the surprise hit of Summer 2020. It was of course followed up by Lockdowns II and III; arguably the worst sequels since The Matrix debacle. Suddenly, wine tastings came to a halt. It was uncertain that wine merchants themselves would be able to open for physical trade, instead having to rely on … Continue reading Originality In A Time Of Sequels

Work? In January…

Normally the first full week of January is relatively quiet for a wine merchant. Dry January kicks in, we’re all on the Christmas come down, no one has any money…all culminate into nobody really drinking much grape juice. Apart from wine merchants themselves of course…January for me is extraordinarily busy. Yes dear readers (both of … Continue reading Work? In January…

An Interview With Jasmin Swan; The Mosel’s Latest Young Winemaker

Social media has long been fascinating to me and has in fact played a very important role in my life. It is through the world of social media that I met my wife. In fact, I’ve met many people who have gone on to become important to me through Facebooks, Twitters and The Gram. It … Continue reading An Interview With Jasmin Swan; The Mosel’s Latest Young Winemaker

Wild Cats & Fictional Dogs

The strangest thing just happened: I opened this bottle and suddenly my room was filled with societally approved attractive women, all scantily clad and seemingly attracted to me despite their better judgement. I had a sudden urge to wear ridiculously tight white t shirts and behave like a complete pr…wait. I know what’s happened here. … Continue reading Wild Cats & Fictional Dogs