Tastings For You

A wine tasting should be so much more than just some people sat in a room listening to a bloke (it’s usually a bloke isn’t it?) in red trousers pontificate about which side of the road the gravel was deepest. Wine is supposed to be fun and engaging. It’s the telling of stories and coming together of friends and family.

I treat my tastings in the same way as a stand up routine and bring as much fun and interactivity to it as possible. The greatest compliment I have received was someone telling me “I had no idea wine tasting could be like that.” My tastings are certainly memorable and fun.

Tastings can be as formal or informal as you wish and can cover a wide variety of subjects from an introduction to wine to a more specialist focus on country or region. I can also run spirits events including gin, whisky and rum.

If you think a wine tasting would suit your event please contact me using the link above.

Italian wine explained through the medium of footwear